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The Blue Cross of India is about to mark a significant milestone as it enters its 60th year since being registered as a society in 1964. A formal request has been made to the President of India to preside over the inauguration of our 60th-year celebrations in April 2024. As we eagerly await confirmation from Rashtrapathi Bhawan, one of the prominent events planned on this special occasion is the launch of a book chronicling the illustrious history of the Blue Cross of India. The book is authored by none other than V Sriram – a distinguished entrepreneur, columnistrenowned music historian and a dedicated heritage activist. We invite you to stay tuned for further updates and exciting developments regarding this momentous celebration.

As we head into our 60th year of unwavering dedication to giving a voice to the voiceless, we stand proudly among the most dynamic animal welfare groups in the country. With our hospitals, shelters, ambulance services, and a humane education program, the Blue Cross of India has carved out a significant and enduring presence in the realm of animal welfare. But there is a lot more to be done before we can rest, especially as we have been the beacon for so many others to follow. 

For those of you who regularly read our newsletters, you are likely well-informed about our current capabilities, which allow us to address just about 40% of the rescue requests. As we step into our 60th year of service, we are excited to embark on a significant expansion project that holds great importance to us.

This project involves the construction of a new animal hospital block in Guindy, which will serve to increase our in-patient capacity and provide additional space for our expanding diagnostics laboratory. The estimated cost of this undertaking is Rs 1.3 crores, roughly equivalent to 156,000 USD. Your contributions will play a vital role in helping us commemorate our 60th year in a truly grand and impactful manner.

We have established a dedicated donation page for this project, and we kindly request your generous contributions. For our overseas donors, we have a Chal USA PayPal link available for your convenience. When making a donation, please ensure to specify “Blue Cross – New Hospital Block” in the description.

During this quarter, we continued to dedicate our efforts to the Animal Birth Control program with even greater determination. We embarked on an area-specific Animal Birth Control program, known as the ABC-Plug & Play project, sponsored by the HCLFoundation. We started with a comprehensive dog census in the selected locality of Kundrathur, a suburb of Chennai. In total there are 1771 dogs in the surveyed area. Following the census, we launched a targeted catch, neuter/spay, and release program in July. During the quarter a total of 712 birth control surgeries have been completed for these dogs, representing just over 40% of the area population. In the coming quarter we are sure to cross the critical 70% mark that will ensure a sustainable population levelling off in the area. It is important to follow through with more such programs that cover the contiguous borders of Kundrathur in order to prevent migration of new dogs into Kundrathur.

Early in this quarter, we joined forces with Social Beat, a prominent social media marketing platform, which has graciously agreed to collaborate with us on a pro-bono basis. Coming as it does leading into our 60th year, their support will play a pivotal role in raising awareness about our organisation’s work and animal welfare in general. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated Social Beat team for their generous contribution.

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Making a difference – One street animal at a time

The rescues, birth control surgeries and re-homing by the Blue Cross Of India during the quarter (Jul-Aug-Sep 2023)

Arguably the largest positive impact any single AWO has on the health and well-being of street animals in any city in the world.

Much of what we do and the key programs that we run are thanks mainly to the kind and generous contributions from our close partners and sponsors:

ABC Program

Animal Rescues

 Animal Health & Nutrition

 Street animals in distress – Greater Chennai Area. 


This interactive bubble map shows the number of rescue-requests received/accepted and rescued by the Blue Cross of India from the areas that are in the Greater Chennai Corporation limits in the last 3 months.


Jul, Aug, Sep 2023


Rescue Requests Received : 5624
Rescue Requests Accepted : 4944
Actual Rescues : 2195 (44 % of accepted)

The Blue Cross of India is committed to helping more, but we need your support. If you wish to help us as a volunteer or as a donor please use the links below:

The BCI works closely with major sponsors like HCL Foundation and the City Corporation to make this happen, but the journey is long and the road rough.


CLICK HERE TO DONATE – If you would like to help more of them


Great Comeback Stories

I dedicate this section to our untiring vets, para-vets, animal caregivers and volunteers whose above-and-beyond efforts give such animals a new lease of life,  pulled them from the edge and gave them another chance for a paw-hold.


Kaala, a year-old male horse, endured a facial injury under mysterious circumstances. Bleeding and in distress, he was discovered on the road by concerned local residents. They acted promptly, rushing him to a nearby veterinarian who administered crucial first-aid. Recognizing the severity of the situation, Kaala was subsequently transferred to our hospital for more comprehensive treatment. Over the course of several months, thanks to dedicated care and treatment, he made a remarkable recovery, regaining his health and vitality.






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Nila, a 5-year-old dog, resides in the serene coastal vicinity of Besant Nagar, where she enjoys the company of a small group of fellow dogs. However, a few weeks ago, Nila’s life took a distressing turn as she began to suffer from worsening skin issues. Fortunately, a kind-hearted couple noticed Nila’s plight and promptly alerted us. Recognising the need for a monitored treatment our ambulance transported Nila to our Guindy hospital. After a month of diligent care and medicated baths, Nila’s recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. Her fur has regrown, and her joy and exuberance have returned, allowing her to once again bask in the happiness of beachside life.

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Great Rescues

Our intrepid team of volunteer rescuers led by none other than the legendary Dawn Willams – himself an ex-black cat commando. A man who has been the force behind our tactical rescue teams for many years. Literally extracting animals off precarious edges, ledges, pits, sewers and wells to give them another shot at being adventurous.

Kitten rescued from a well 


Fish Hooked


The BCI MoHo (Mobile Hospital) – This quarter

This quarter our treatment on the streets initiative covered nearly 6000 km (the four wheeler Mobile Hospitals and the  electric two-wheelers for the follow ups) treating 550 unique cases in 964 visits.
The primary diagnosis and initial treatment services are consistently delivered by our dedicated veterinarians operating from our mobile units, commonly referred to as “MoHo’s.” To enhance our operational efficiency, minimize response times, and reduce the waiting periods between follow-up visits, we introduced the “PoW” 2-wheeler initiative which continues to work the streets this quarter with even greater efficiency.
Our two-wheeler units are operated by paravets and vet-assistants, under the guidance and supervision of an available veterinarian. In some cases, this guidance is provided remotely through video calls, ensuring that every case receives the necessary attention and expertise. This strategic approach allows us to extend our reach and provide timely care to a broader range of animals in need. 

Our “Treatment On The Streets” initiative is supported by several generous sponsors.

Four Paws – Our Flagship Mobile Hospital

DahNay Logistics – Mobile Hospital 2 

Ranka Steels – Mobile Hospital 3

Four Paws – Three 2 wheeled Electric Scooters 

HCLFoundation – Sponsorship of mobile hospital operational expenses

Ram Nath B.. Dharbanga Goenka (RNBDG) Foundation  – Sponsorship of mobile hospital operational expenses 

DONATE HERE -Fund the running costs of our street treatment initiative.



And if you would like to come hang with at the shelter and help us out with all the ‘human’ things needed to get done please sign up here. We have a whole lot of onsite (Chennai) and remote volunteering opportunities and would be thrilled to have you in our next induction.


From our camera rolls 

2nd July – Our Sponsor Indian Oil Corporation visits the Blue Cross of India

15th Jul 2023 – Mr N Ram (The Hindu) visited the Blue Cross of India 


19th July 2023 – Humane Education Tour for school children at the Blue Cross of India

15th Aug 2023 – Independence Day Celebrations at the Blue Cross of India 

18th Sep 2023 – Ganesh Chathurthi Celebrations at the Blue Cross of India
28th Sep 2023 – World Rabies Day – Free Anti Rabies Vaccine Campaign at Semmencherry and Perumbakkam sponsored by HCL Foundation.
4th Oct 2023 – World Animal Day Celebrations at the Blue Cross of India


Celebrating life – Preserving the endangered – Bringing Awareness

We animals lead such a busy life, our calendars are full. Go ahead and get yourself an appointment on our calendars to know and learn more about us.


July 2023
Aug 2023
Sep 2023
14th Jul 


04th Aug 


1st Sep 


14th Jul 

World ORCA Day

10th Aug 

World LION day

17th Sep 

World MANTA day

16th Jul 

World SNAKE Day

12th Aug 

World ELEPHANT day

17th Sep 


29th Jul 
Int. TIGER Day
12th Aug

World HIROLA day

22nd Sep 

World RHINO day

13th Aug 

Int. WOLF day

22nd Sep 


19th Aug


24th Sep 

World GORILLA day 

26th Aug



26th Sep 


30th Aug 



The Blue Cross Of India has been serving the voiceless for the last six decades mainly through donations from generous individuals like you. BCI is the first animal welfare organisation in India to be awarded the Guidestar Platinum Rating for transparency in 2013-14 and every year since – a stamp of assurance. 

Your donations are used in the most transparent and frugal manner for animal welfare, with minimal administrative expenses. The guidestar rating helps potential donors make a well informed decision based on an objective assessment of how donations are put to work by BCI. Learn More…

We thank you for your kindness and generous contributions that help the BCI take good care of us year after year. 

(Donations are eligible for 80G tax exemption – Make sure you mention your PAN No)
Make Memories with Blue Cross Of India

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Maybe you reached a personal or work Milestone
Or would like to Dedicate to someone you love 

Whatever it be, make it a memory that 2000 animals will be grateful for and bless you with their stomach’s full.

The selfless gratitude of an animal – priceless……
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