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edited by Tyag Krishnamurthy


Sunface - The Blue Cross MascotIt is with great anguish that we announce the sad passing of your editor – the Blue Cross of India flag bearer and mascot Sunface.

On 20th June he died peacefully in his sleep, his smile as beaming as ever.

For those of you who do not know his story, Sunface was a brave dog who endured unimaginable pain at a tender age. Rescued in 2015, he became our greeter – something that came very naturally to him. He charmed every BCI visitor – stranger or friend for the many years he graced us with his life. His infectious smile and expressive wags are folklore.

Sunface is gone, but his heart wrenching story lives on and compels us to ponder the essence of humanity. His tale lays bare the realities that street animals confront daily while struggling to survive in our often inhumane cities. His journey since his rescue serves to inspire and remind us that if we put our mind to it, we can make a real difference in the life of animals like him who cannot survive long on the street.

The Blue Cross of India is blessed to have had the chance of his presence and is richer from the opportunity. He will be deeply missed by all of us here at the shelter and the tens of thousands of people he has greeted over the long years he was with us. RIP Sunface.

The rains usually do not bring good tidings for street animals but will the monsoon session in the parliament surprise us this season. We hope and pray that in this short session the new prevention of cruelty act would be passed. In its proposed form, it may not be pathbreaking but it is certainly a huge improvement – keeping our paws and claws crossed. 

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Making a difference – One street animal at a time

The rescues, birth control surgeries and re-homing by the Blue Cross Of India during the quarter (Apr-May-Jun 2023)

Arguably the largest positive impact any single AWO has on the health and well-being of street animals in any city in the world.

Much of what we do and the key programs that we run are thanks mainly to the kind and generous contributions from our close partners and sponsors:

ABC Program

Animal Rescues

 Animal Health & Nutrition

 Street animals in distress – Greater Chennai Area. 


This interactive bubble map shows the number of rescue-requests received/accepted and rescued by the Blue Cross of India from the areas that are in the Greater Chennai Corporation limits in the last 3 months.


Apr, May, Jun 2023


Rescue Requests Received : 5857
Rescue Requests Accepted : 5097
Actual Rescues : 2390 (47 % of accepted)

The Blue Cross of India is committed to helping more, but we need your support. If you wish to help us as a volunteer or as a donor please use the links below:

The BCI works closely with major sponsors like HCL Foundation and the City Corporation to make this happen, but the journey is long and the road rough.


CLICK HERE TO DONATE – If you would like to help more of them


Great Comeback Stories

I dedicate this section to our untiring vets, para-vets, animal caregivers and volunteers whose above-and-beyond efforts give such animals a new lease,  pulled them from the edge and gave them another chance for a paw-hold.

Litchi – Abandoned to Adored


Meet Litchi, a Persian cross cat whose life took a heartrending turn when abandoned in a dustbin by her owner due to a painful skin infection. Our compassionate team discovered her and rushed her to our shelter, starting her journey to recovery with medicated baths and antibiotics.

Weeks passed, and Litchi’s transformation began with her skin healing and new fur sprouting. Her playful spirit returned, and she became a breathtaking sight of health and happiness.

Fate smiled upon Litchi when a kind-hearted visitor adopted her, giving her a forever-loving home filled with love and security.

Litchi’s story exemplifies the power of love and compassion. Her journey celebrates second chances and the enduring bond between humans and animals. Witnessing her transformation reminds us of the magic that unfolds when kindness and empathy prevail. Together, we can create a world where every life is cherished, just like Litchi’s.

Milo – Resilience to Redemption


On a fateful day in May, we discovered Milo, a delicate 5-month-old puppy, tied to an electric pole. He was battling troubling skin issues and had been abandoned. We untied him and brought him to our shelter.

Despite his trauma, Milo greeted us with friendliness and obedience. His path to recovery was long, but we were determined to help him heal and find a loving home. Our dedicated doctors provided him with water, food, and medical treatment, including medicated baths and antibiotics.

Weeks passed, and Milo’s progress was remarkable. His skin issues subsided, and his energy returned. After a month of care, Milo made a full recovery, and his transformation was miraculous.

Milo’s inspiring story reached an animal welfare group in Thindivanam, who fell in love with him and offered him a forever home. In June, Milo found his forever family, leaving his days of hardship behind. He now enjoys a life filled with love, comfort, and companionship.

 – stories by Keerthana (volunteer) 


Great Rescues

Our intrepid team of volunteer rescuers led by none other than the legendary Dawn Willams – himself an ex-black cat commando. A man who has been the force behind our tactical rescue teams for many years. Literally extracting animals off precarious edges, ledges, pits, sewers and wells to give them another shot at being adventurous.

The Pregnant Buffalo

In the bustling streets of Madambakkam, Chennai, a remarkable rescue mission unfolded, showcasing the power of collective kindness. A pregnant buffalo had accidentally fallen into a rainwater harvesting system, weighing 700kg, making her rescue a daunting task. 

Upon receiving the distress call, our tactical rescue team sprang into action, armed with webbing, pulleys, and ropes. For two arduous hours, volunteers and the public joined hands with our team, determined to save the buffalo’s life. Finally, their collective efforts paid off, and the pregnant buffalo was lifted to safety. Relief and gratitude washed over the crowd as they witnessed the magnificent buffalo standing strong and free once more. The rescue is a testament to the power of unity and compassion, proving that when we stand together, miracles can happen.


Drowning Pig

In Tambaram’s serene outskirts, a distress call reached us about a pig in urgent need of help. The 75kg pig had fallen into a deep well and was struggling for its life. A group of playful kids nearby heard its cries and rushed to the scene, deciding to take action. They contacted the Blue Cross, and our skilled rescue team arrived promptly.

One brave rescuer descended into the well wearing safety gear and managed to secure the distressed pig within a protective net. With careful efforts, the team hoisted the pig out of the well, ensuring her safety. After the successful rescue, the pig was released back into her natural habitat, away from harm’s way. The heartwarming sight of the pig trotting away to freedom left the rescuers and the kind-hearted kids beaming with joy.


The BCI MoHo (Mobile Hospital) – This quarter

The Blue Cross – Treatment on the streets initiative figures this quarter continue to impress. Early in the quarter the four wheeler MoHo’s were joined by three electric two-wheelers to complete the follow up treatments that are initiated by the vets. Called PoW (paravet on wheels) the vehicles were donated by Four Paws International who have been a steadfast supporter of the Blue Cross for many years. 
The first diagnosis and initial treatment continues to be provided by the vets who are on the four wheeled MoHo’s and to optimise capacities, reduce response time, reduce wait between follow-up visits the 2 wheeler initiative was conceived and implemented. The two wheelers are manned by paravets and vet-assistants and are guided by a veterinarian on call or video call (as needed based on each case).



Four Paws – Our Flagship Mobile Hospital

DahNay Logistics – Mobile Hospital 2 

Ranka Steels – Mobile Hospital 3

Four Paws – Three 2 wheeled Electric Scooters 


DONATE HERE -Fund the running costs of our street treatment initiative.



And if you would like to come hang with at the shelter and help us out with all the ‘human’ things needed to get done please sign up here. We have a whole lot of onsite (Chennai) and remote volunteering opportunities and would be thrilled to have you in our next induction.


From my camera roll and diary 

3rd May 2023 – Olivia Hussey Eisley – Actress, Animal Activist congratulates our founder and wishes Blue Cross


15th May 2023 – Tushar Deshpande, Indian cricketer and CSK player visited BCI 

23th May 2023 – Arrival of CNG Bolero Rescue Vehicle donated by Round Table
30th May 2023 – Humane Education program in BMD Jain School, Vellore
6th June 2023 – Dr. Sylendra Babu, DGP Tamil Nadu visited BCI


Celebrating life – Preserving the endangered – Bringing Awareness

We animals lead such a busy life, our calendars are full. Go ahead and get yourself an appointment on our calendars to know and learn more about us.


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World PARROT day


The Blue Cross Of India has been serving the voiceless for the last six decades mainly through donations from generous individuals like you. BCI is the first animal welfare organisation in India to be awarded the Guidestar Platinum Rating for transparency in 2013-14 and every year since – a stamp of assurance. 

Your donations are used in the most transparent and frugal manner for animal welfare, with minimal administrative expenses. The guidestar rating helps potential donors make a well informed decision based on an objective assessment of how donations are put to work by BCI. Learn More…

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