Newsletter Oct-Nov-Dec 2023

edited by Tyag Krishnamurthy



As we reflect on the past quarter, we are filled with gratitude for the collective efforts that define our journey at Blue Cross of India. Together, we navigated through great challenges and celebrated moments of resilience and compassion.

Celebrating a Trailblazer: Dr. S Chinny Krishna Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

In a momentous recognition of his tireless efforts and profound impact on animal welfare, our founder, Dr. S Chinny Krishna, has been bestowed with the Asia for Animals Lifetime Achievement Award. This prestigious honor is a testament to his unparalleled commitment to fostering change through education and engagement.

The accolade was presented at the Asia for Animals (AFA) conference held at the Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching, from October 11 to 13, 2023. Dr. Krishna’s transformative leadership embodied by Blue Cross of India, Chennai, founded 59 years ago has not only shaped the organisation but has also inspired a wave of compassion across Asia.

Join us in congratulating Dr. S Chinny Krishna on this well-deserved recognition. His dedication continues to ignite positive change in the realm of animal welfare, and we are privileged to be part of his extraordinary journey.

Cyclone Michaung

In the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung, we received a heartfelt plea for help from Mr. Karthick in Ernavur, where animals were adversely affected by an oil spill. Responding swiftly, our team, in collaboration with HCL Foundation, coordinated with local authorities. On December 13th, we conducted a comprehensive health camp. Our dedicated team, comprising veterinarians, veterinary assistants, animal handlers, volunteers, and operational staff, worked tirelessly to treat 70 animals, including dogs, cows, and cattle. For the 27 dogs affected by the oil spill, medicated baths were administered to alleviate their suffering.

Despite facing adversity, we also triumphed over the impact of Cyclone Michaung in our own sanctuary in Guindy. The cyclone brought devastating floods, challenging the very fabric of our shelter. On the day of the flood, our vets, animal caregivers, and volunteers rallied together, displaying unparalleled heroism. With unwavering determination, they carried every single animal to higher ground, ensuring their safety amidst the rising waters.

The scene was chaotic yet heartwarming—dedicated individuals wading through floodwaters, comforting distressed animals, and embodying the true spirit of compassion. As the floodwaters receded, the sanctuary stood as a symbol of resilience, a testament to the collective strength that defines the Blue Cross family.

However, the increased frequency of killer cyclones over the decades necessitates further preparation. To fortify our sanctuary against future cyclones, we urgently appeal for your support to augment our drainage system. Your generous donation towards this will ensure the safety and well-being of our cherished animals in times of crisis.

Giving Carnival @ Freshworks

Another notable highlight was our participation in The Giving Carnival event hosted by Freshworks. From November 21st to 23rd, we had the opportunity to showcase our work alongside several other NGOs. The event, designed for Freshworks employees, allowed us to share our mission and collect donations totaling around Rs.12,000 over three days. We extend heartfelt thanks to Freshworks and all those who supported us during this impactful event.


Major Donors this quarter

Blue Cross of India extends sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to the following esteemed donors whose generosity has made a significant impact on our mission:

Quintessence: A generous donation of Rs 10 lakhs from Quintessence has been instrumental in supporting our rescue operations and the continued operation of our sanctuary. Your commitment to animal welfare is truly commendable and will make a lasting difference in the lives of countless animals.

Mrs. Mariam Ram: We extend deep gratitude to Mrs. Mariam Ram of TNQ Technologies for her extraordinary generosity and compassion. Mrs. Ram’s donation of 10 lakhs has had a profound impact on our ability to continue our vital work in animal welfare.

HSI India: Our sincere appreciation goes to HSI India for their generous donation of Rs 3 lakhs during this quarter. Your support contributes significantly to our ongoing efforts to provide care, protection, and advocacy for animals in need.

Other major donors this quarter contributing for our running expenses include CHAL USA, Forest Voices of India and Help Animals India

Mr. Vishal Gupta: A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Vishal Gupta for his generous contribution of Rs 1 lakh. Your compassion towards the well-being of animals is truly inspiring, and your donation will go a long way in making a positive impact.

Your unwavering support empowers us to continue our vital work in animal welfare. Blue Cross of India is deeply grateful for your commitment to creating a world where animals are treated with kindness and compassion.

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Making a difference – One street animal at a time

The rescues, birth control surgeries and re-homing by the Blue Cross Of India during the quarter (Oct-Nov-Dec 2023)

Undoubtedly, Blue Cross of India holds the distinction of making the most significant positive impact on the health and well-being of street animals in any large city worldwide. 

The success of our key programs can largely be attributed to the generous contributions from our valued partners and sponsors. Their kindness and support enable us to continue our crucial work, making a lasting difference in the lives of street animals.

ABC Program

Animal Rescues

Animal Health & Nutrition

 Street animals in distress – Greater Chennai Area. 


This interactive bubble map shows the number of rescue-requests received/accepted and rescued by the Blue Cross of India from the areas that are in the Greater Chennai Corporation limits in the last 3 months.


Oct, Nov, Dec 2023


Rescue Requests Received : 6760
Rescue Requests Accepted : 5677
Actual Rescues : 2555 (45 % of accepted)

The Blue Cross of India is committed to helping more, but we need your support. If you wish to help us as a volunteer or as a donor please use the links below:

The BCI works closely with major sponsors like HCL Foundation and the City Corporation to make this happen, but the journey is long and the road rough.


CLICK HERE TO DONATE – If you would like to help more of them


Great Comeback Stories

This segment is a celebration of  remarkable comebacks and dedicated to our vets, para-vets, animal caregivers, and volunteers whose tireless commitment goes beyond the call of duty. Their extraordinary efforts breathe new life into these animals, pulling them back from the brink and offering them a fresh chance to find their paw-hold in the world.


In Kotturpuram, I endured a terrifying ordeal when a human, acting out of fear for their own dog, left me with a deep cut and a cracked skull. A compassionate auto driver became my unexpected saviour. He noticed my pain and rushed me to the Blue Cross hospital, where more humans took immediate action. The manager reported the incident to the police and the skilled hands of the shelter’s veterinarians stitched up my wounds, while the community rallied with prayers for my recovery. In the tender care of the shelter’s team, my healing journey began, and today, as Mani the dog, I stand as a living testament to the resilience found in the embrace of compassion and second chances.



In the stressful life in the middle of a severely competitive Chennai suburb, I had been battling relentless itching and the harsh indifference of my surroundings. Disheveled and defeated, I found myself in the compassionate embrace of Blue Cross of India during December 2023.

The dedicated volunteers and veterinarians of Blue Cross became my lifeline. They approached my condition with an unwavering commitment, recognizing the urgency of my situation. Medicated baths, a remedy infused with both healing agents and love, became my solace. Each gentle touch and soothing word from the volunteers added layers of comfort to my otherwise painful existence.

Amidst the December chill, the warmth of their care penetrated my troubled soul. As the days unfolded, the relentless efforts of the Blue Cross team transformed my life. The medicated baths worked wonders, gradually soothing my itching and rejuvenating my once-dulled spirit. Their commitment to my recovery mirrored the resilience within me.


Great Rescues

In the daring world of rescue missions, our fearless pack, guided by the legendary Dawn Williams, an ex-black cat commando (in no way connected to our feline arch enemies), takes the lead. Dawn has been the driving force behind our tactical rescue squads for countless moons. With a nose for adventure, he orchestrates our missions, saving furry friends from the perils of precarious edges, ledges, pits, sewers, and wells. His relentless spirit ensures that each rescue is a chance for us to embark on new adventures. His paw-spective on life reminds us that, with him at the helm, no challenge is too great, and every rescue is an opportunity for a tail-wagging, adventurous encore.

Dog in grill 

The BCI MoHo (Mobile Hospital) – This quarter

This quarter, our “Treatment on the Streets” initiative covered over 3600 km, utilizing both four-wheeler Mobile Hospitals and electric two-wheelers for follow-ups, addressing 170 unique cases in 631 visits.

Our dedicated veterinarians, operating from our mobile units known as “MoHo’s,” consistently delivered primary diagnosis and initial treatment services. Acknowledging veterinary capacity constraints, we aimed to enhance operational efficiency, minimize response times, and reduce waiting periods between follow-up visits using the “PoW” 2-wheeler follow-up units. Despite the challenges, these units worked diligently this quarter to provide essential care.

Operated by paravets and vet-assistants under the guidance of available veterinarians, our two-wheeler units adapted to capacity constraints.


Our “Treatment On The Streets” initiative is supported by several generous sponsors.

Four Paws – Our Flagship Mobile Hospital

DahNay Logistics – Mobile Hospital 2 

Ranka Steels – Mobile Hospital 3

Four Paws – Three 2 wheeled Electric Scooters 

HCLFoundation – Sponsorship of mobile hospital operational expenses

Ram Nath B.. Dharbanga Goenka (RNBDG) Foundation  – Sponsorship of mobile hospital operational expenses 

DONATE HERE -Fund the running costs of our street treatment initiative.



If you too are interested in joining us at the sanctuary and lending a hand with various essential tasks, please sign up here. We have plenty of onsite (Chennai) and remote volunteering opportunities available, and we would be delighted to welcome you in our next induction.


From our camera rolls 
4th Oct 2023 – World Animal Day Celebrations at the Blue Cross of India

3rd Nov 2023 – Visit of Ms Marly Winckler – President International Vegetarian Union  (Brazil) 

L to R : Shankar Balasubramanian(USA) , Dr S Chinny Krishna (Chairman BCI) ,  Ms Marly Winckler, Saurabh Dalal (USA), Saraswathi Haksan (Hon. Secy – BCI) , Jayakumar S, R Prabakar (Gov. Body BCI), Karrel (Estonia)



Celebrating life – Preserving the endangered – Bringing Awareness

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