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edited by Tyag Krishnamurthy



We were honored to welcome Dr. J. Radhakrishnan, the Greater Chennai Corporation Commissioner to Blue Cross of India (BCI) for the Free Animal Health Camp, sponsored by TNCAVE (Tamil Nadu Companion Animal and Veterinary Executive Welfare Association). During his visit on February 18th, Dr. Radhakrishnan also inaugurated our newly acquired ambulance, made possible through the grant provided by TNAWB (Tamilnadu Animal Welfare Board). 

Amidst recent inspections by the TNAWB, Blue Cross of India acknowledges the ongoing discourse surrounding the management of street animals and the responsibilities of animal welfare organisations. We believe it is imperative to address these discussions transparently, ensuring the welfare of animals while considering public health concerns. While rescue and rehabilitation are vital, addressing the root cause of street animal overpopulation is even more critical and less addressed. Even though tactically our daily mission revolves around rescuing abandoned, sick and injured animals, including those facing dire conditions on the streets and the ones that are dumped overnight outside our gates, we recognise the limitations of rescue efforts alone. Comprehensive animal birth control programs, coupled with public awareness campaigns on responsible pet ownership are essential to curb both the cycle of abandonment and reduce the number of animals on the streets. By addressing the root cause of the problem, we can create a more sustainable and humane environment for both animals and communities.

Addressing the root cause:

CACC Program: Blue Cross of India actively engages in the Community Animal Caregiver Program (CACC), where we collaborate with citizen animal caregivers and provide support in population control measures. Through this initiative, we empower and educate caregivers on effective strategies for managing the local animal population, further contributing to our mission of promoting animal welfare and reducing street animal overpopulation.

ABC Plug & Play Project: Furthering this end was the HCL Foundation sponsored ABC-Plug & Play project, which started in the July-Aug-Sep ‘23 quarter. We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of this program during this quarter. As planned, we achieved full coverage of Kundrathur (a Chennai suburb) with ABC surgeries completed on 100% of the census number. A total of 1814 ABC procedures were performed, comprising 742 females and 1072 males. This accomplishment exceeded the census numbers marginally, accounting for migrations and additional births during the six-month period. We are excited about the long-term benefits of this focused initiative and emphasise the importance of extending similar programs to contiguous areas around Kundrathur to sustain these positive outcomes. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the HCL Foundation for their unwavering support, and we eagerly anticipate future endeavours that aim to address the root-cause (overpopulation) rather than the symptoms (man-animal conflict, animal distress, abandonment and the high mortality). 

Other Matters:

During this quarter, to improve diagnostics, surgery outcomes, and active health monitoring, we procured new equipment such as Gas Anesthesia machines, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, Urine Analyzers, Multipara machines, Autoclaves, and Ultrasound scan machines. These valuable additions were made possible through the generous sponsorship of the HCL Foundation.

Mass vaccination camps were held in March in Kannagi Nagar (March 3rd) and Semmencherry (March 17th), and 840 dogs were vaccinated with DHPPI and ARV. These vaccination camps were also made possible through the generous sponsorship of the HCL Foundation.


Major Donors this quarter:

We gratefully acknowledge the generous contributions received from the following donors:

  • SITA Information Networking Computing India Pvt Ltd
  • Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd
  • Rudra Securities and Capital Ltd.
  • Nilpeter India Pvt Ltd
  • Shaswat Steels
  • Goodearth Maritime Pvt Ltd. 
  • Quintessence
  • Depenning & Depenning
  • Mr. Vinodh Kumar
  • Mr. Shantilal T 
  • Ms. Sumithra R
  • Mr. Venkatraman Anantharaman
  • Mrs. Sundara Krishnamurthy 

Your support enables us to continue our mission of promoting animal welfare and making a meaningful difference in the lives of animals in need. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.


Making a difference – One street animal at a time

The rescues, birth control surgeries and re-homing by the Blue Cross Of India during the quarter (Oct-Nov-Dec 2023)

The success of our key programs can largely be attributed to the generous contributions from our valued partners and sponsors. Their kindness and support enable us to continue our crucial work, making a lasting difference in the lives of street animals.

ABC Program

Animal Rescues


Animal Health & Nutrition

Shaswath Steels



 Street animals in distress – Greater Chennai Area. 


This interactive bubble map shows the number of rescue-requests received/accepted and rescued by the Blue Cross of India from the areas that are in the Greater Chennai Corporation limits in the last 3 months.


Jan, Feb, Mar 2024


Rescue Requests Received : 5953
Rescue Requests Accepted : 4835
Actual Rescues : 2322 (48 % of requests accepted and 39% of requests received)

The Blue Cross of India is committed to helping more, but we are scaling back due to resource constraints and need your support. If you wish to help us as a volunteer or as a donor please use the links below:

The BCI works closely with major sponsors like HCL Foundation and the City Corporation to make this happen, but the journey is long and the road rough.


CLICK HERE TO DONATE – If you would like to help more of them


Great Comeback Stories

This section celebrates remarkable comebacks and honours our dedicated vets, para-vets, animal caregivers, and volunteers. Their tireless commitment goes beyond duty, breathing new life into animals and offering them a fresh chance to find their place in the world.


I roamed the streets with caution, wary of every vehicle, every shadow and every odd movement. But one day, out of nowhere, in an instant darkness enveloped me and I howled in pain, and I found myself being beaten by some human. My world turned into agony, my skull split open. I scampered away in terrible pain.

Many days passed in complete chaos and then from nowhere came gentle hands and soothing voices. They lifted me from despair, carrying me away. Through days that blurred into nights, I felt the touch of care and the warmth of hope. My wounds ran deep, their dedication deeper.

Slowly, the pain began to ebb, replaced by a flicker of strength. With each passing moment, I fought to reclaim my life, my spirit unbroken despite the odds stacked against me. And now, I stand tall on steady paws once more, a testament to resilience and the power of compassion.

I owe my newfound freedom to those who never gave up on me, to the healers who stitched my wounds with love and tenderness. To them, I am eternally grateful. With every step I take, I honor their unwavering commitment to saving lives like mine.



I was just going about my daily business on the streets of Pallikaranai with the innocent curiosity of a playful pup. But  disaster struck as a speeding two-wheeler collided with me, dragging me along the harsh pavement and leaving my skin completely scalped.

Thankfully, the Blue Cross mobile ambulance came to my rescue providing the first aid I urgently needed. They took me in and with their help, I slowly recovered, my wounds fading as my strength returned.

And then, a miracle happened—I found a loving home with a kind-hearted grocery shop owner on the same street. His compassion and warmth transformed my life, turning my once-painful existence into one filled with love and security.

Now, as I wag my tail in gratitude, I’m reminded of the power of kindness and the joy of finding a place to belong.


Great Rescues

I had a rather ‘moo-ving’ experience recently while exploring the city outskirts in search of some delectable snacks. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a metal container that seemed to have mistaken my mouth for its new home! 🐄😮

But fear not, for the cavalry arrived in the form of the Blue Cross team, ready to rescue me from my metallic mishap. With a touch of sedation and a lot of patience, they managed to evict the unwelcome tenant from my mouth, leaving me feeling ‘udderly’ relieved! 😅

I must say, it’s not every day a cow gets into a spat with a metal container, but thanks to the quick thinking of our animal-loving heroes, I’m back to grazing and ‘chewing the cud’ without any metal-induced discomfort. It certainly was no ‘moo’-ment to remember! 🐮✨


The BCI MoHo (Mobile Hospital) – This quarter

This quarter, our “Treatment on the Streets” initiative expanded its reach, covering a total distance of 4338 km. During this period, our dedicated team addressed 209 unique cases through 1124 visits to various locations. This effort was facilitated by the deployment of our specialized mobile hospitals, known as “MoHo’s,” as well as our efficient follow-up units using Paravets on Wheels, referred to as “PoW.” These units, operated by trained paravets and vet-assistants under the remote guidance of veterinarians, played a crucial role in providing primary diagnosis and initial treatment services to animals in need. Despite facing capacity constraints, our teams remained committed to delivering essential care to street animals, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to their well-being.


Our “Treatment On The Streets” initiative is supported by several generous sponsors.

Four Paws – Our Flagship Mobile Hospital

DahNay Logistics – Mobile Hospital 2 

Ranka Steels – Mobile Hospital 3

Four Paws – Three 2 wheeled Electric Scooters 

HCLFoundation – Sponsorship of mobile hospital operational expenses

Ram Nath B.. Dharbanga Goenka (RNBDG) Foundation  – Sponsorship of mobile hospital operational expenses 

DONATE HERE -Fund the running costs of our street treatment initiative.



If you too are interested in joining us at the sanctuary and lending a hand with various essential tasks, please sign up here. We have plenty of onsite (Chennai) and remote volunteering opportunities available, and we would be delighted to welcome you in our next induction.


From our camera rolls 
8th March 2024 – International Women’s Day


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